Audi Club Carolinas – GMP Performance Wheel and Tire Tech Talk

Date/Time :
11:30 am - 3:00 pm

Types :

Audi Club of North America - Carolinas Chapter

Taz’s S5

  • Discuss the importance of Ball seat vs. Cone seat
  • Did you know that there are different radius of ball seat? R12 vs. R13 vs. R14
  • Flow Forged
  • Die Forged
  • CNC Machined
  • Cast
  • Stretching tires
  • Staggered stretch math. Taking the width of the wheel and tire and measuring the overhang.
  • Discuss importance of staying with manufacturer recommended width (minimums/ maximums)
  • How to measure for spacers and correct bolt length
  • Measuring the free length from the back of the wheel
  • Center bore and how it applies to adding spacers.
  • Audi has a ridged hub and measuring it is critical.
  • Why H&R doesn’t offer a 6mm

GMP will also be streaming some of the event contact live for those members who cannot attend. Click HERE to view streaming during the event.

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GMP Performance, 710 Pressley Road, Charlotte, NC

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