Audi Club Carolinas – Audi Tech Session & Lunch

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10:30 am

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Audi Club of North America - Carolinas Chapter

Audi Tech Session
Hoke Performance
Candler, NC
Saturday, Feb 9 10:30AM

Coffee & Donuts Provided.
We plan on going to lunch after the tech session (optional)

Audi has used Exhaust Turbo Chargers and Superchargers for over 80 years to provide efficient added power with excellent fuel economy. But each method of forced induction has had it’s drawbacks. Turbo Chargers use free exhaust air to spin a compressor wheel that forces more air into the combustion chamber to make more power. But there is a lag before the spins fast enough and the pressure gets high enough to make that extra power. Superchargers on the other hand are providing pressure as long as the engine is running but take power from the engine to spin their compressor.
What if there were a way to provide immediate boost without using power from the engine and the reduced efficiency that causes? That is the principle behind the e-Booster that BorgWarner created right here in the Carolinas.

Austin Hoke is a project engineer at BorgWarner, the company that has created the e-Booster that is currently latest power boosting and energy saving device that is used with a 48 volt power system on some of the newest Audi’s. Austin is also a Club member and is currently retrofitting e-Boost technology to his B5-S4 Avant.
Austin will expain how the new technology works and show us his build. We also will see some of the other builds – RS4??? and see some cars that Borg Warners uses as engineering mules.

If you’re interested email click on the REGISTER NOW button and send me an email letting me know how many are coming. I’ll email details including Austin’s address.

For a short video that expains it click here:

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