Render: Audi A6 e-tron Avant

words: Bill, photos: theottle

Last week, the Audi A6 e-tron concept debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show so it’s not surprising that an Avant render has already showed up. Virtual tuner, theottle, presents a very strong case for an A6 e-tron Avant. With the debut of the RS e-tron GT at the Malibu Cars & Coffee yesterday (story & photos coming shortly) and a slew of other e-trons, there is a bright future for EVs coming out of Ingolstadt. The ICE-powered Audi A6s have always had an Avant model in its lineup (I currently have a C8 A6 allroad on loan from Audi of America in my driveway) so can an e-tron Avant be far behind? We can only hope so and with renders like these from theottle, they look fantastic.

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