Efficiency – Charging Comfort – Everyday Usability: The Plug-in Hybrids From Audi

  • Wide spectrum: Audi now offers PHEV models in seven product lines
  • Systematic development: real all-rounders among the plug-in hybrids
  • Electrified SUV entry: Q3 and Q3 Sportback now carry the “e”

Audi is rapidly expanding its range of plug-in hybrid models. The latest models of the A3 Sportback, Q3, and Q3 Sportback, as well as the Q8 complement the portfolio in the compact segment and full-size class. Their common strengths are a confident driving experience, straightforward charging management, and great everyday usability. These three strengths make up the fundamental target triangle in the development work for the plug-in hybrid models at Audi.

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