Who’s “that Perfect Girl”? Audi’s 2020 Big Game Commercial Will Likely Say

Audi is readying another in a long line of “Big Game” ad spots to air around this year’s Super Bowl. While we don’t know everything, we know enough from clues dropped to share a few details.

For starters, we already knew the focus would be e-tron, though this teaser video posted on Facebook also confirms it.

We’re guessing the ad focuses around the mystery driver in the teaser video above. Based on the marquee outside the theatre in the spot (not to mention the heels of the person walking), the focus is also a woman.

The teaser says you’ll see who’s behind the wheel on Wednesday 1.29.2020. That’s just a few days before the actual Super Bowl (2.2.2020). Audi USA’s YouTube channel also seems prepped to debut a feature called Audi Presents: Let It Go. Given all of their commercials’ titles on that Youtube channel begin with “Audi Presents:”, well… it’s not hard to do the math.

So there are the clues we have so far. Any guesses?

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