Electrify Canada Opens First Charging Station In Canada: Launches First-Ever Mobile App

Toronto, ON (Sept. 25, 2019) – At the opening of its first ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Canada, Electrify Canada announced its new mobile app, pricing structure and tiered membership options. The latest offerings allow drivers to now customize their driving experience to fit their public charging needs, while reinforcing Electrify Canada’s commitment to increasing EV adoption.


“With the opening of our first charging station, we want customers to experience our innovative approach to enhancing the EV charging experience,” said Robert Barrosa, Chief Operating Officer of Electrify Canada. “With new membership plans, competitive pricing and a mobile app that makes charging with us easier than ever, we are confident that a growing number of consumers will consider making their next vehicle purchase an EV.”

Electrify Canada Mobile App Features

Available for both Android and iPhone, the company’s app is available for EV charging customers who wish to enjoy the ease of starting and tracking a charging session from their smartphone. Thanks to easy-to-navigate features that deliver a premium experience, charging with Electrify Canada is made even more convenient with the following app features:

  • Locate a Charger: Users can find a charging station nearby and get directions to their destinations as needed. It shows the number of chargers available at each station, connector type or types (CCS & CHAdeMO) and which chargers are currently available. Electrify Canada Pass and Pass+ members can view the charging status of vehicles using the chargers and receive notifications, if all chargers are in use, and once a charger becomes available.
  • Pay for a charge: Users can upload their payment information into the app and easily pay for charging sessions through their smartphones. Drivers can also see prices before they charge by selecting a station to view current charging costs available with their membership plan. Credit card swipe payment will also be available at all stations.
  • Start a charge: The app offers Electrify Canada members two ways to start a charging session:

Tap to Charge: Electrify Canada members will be able to utilize near field communication technology (NFC) and tap to start their charge. A membership pass can be added to a driver’s mobile wallet after downloading the app and adding a valid payment method to their account. From there, all drivers need to do is tap or hold their smartphone near the charger’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device.

Swipe to Start: Members also have the option to initiate a charging session by navigating in the app to the charging station they are currently at, selecting the charger they are plugged into, and swiping on the app screen. Enable location services for Swipe to Start.

Credit card swipe at the station will still be an option.

  • Track a charging session: Electrify Canada members can easily track charging progress in real-time, allowing them to enjoy nearby points of interest. The app will show a vehicle’s current state of charge (SOC) so long as the vehicle can communicate charging information. Real time tracking is visible up until the battery reaches “bulk” charge – typically around 80 per cent SOC. Once the session is complete, the app will provide the user with a receipt. Users can also choose to be notified when a charging session has started, slowed or stopped.
  • View charging history: Electrify Canada members can easily view past charging sessions in the app to track energy delivered, session costs, member savings (for Pass+ members), and more.

Electrify Canada Membership Options

With the Electrify Canada App, drivers can choose a membership that’s right for them. There are two membership options available:

  • Electrify Canada Pass: designed for occasional users, this option provides a comprehensive locate-a-charger experience, ease of starting and tracking a session from the smartphone and the ability to view recent charge history in the app. This option requires the standard per-minute cost plus a $1 session fee.
  • Electrify Canada Pass+: designed for frequent users, the Pass+ membership offers all the benefits of the Electrify Canada Pass – plus the lowest per-minute price. Available for a $4 monthly subscription fee, users can save about 20 percent on every minute compared to non-subscription prices.

Electrify Canada Pricing Structure

Electrify Canada has modelled its price structure around power level pricing in order to accommodate EVs capable of charging at faster speeds. Charging is priced by the minute and determined by the maximum charging capability the vehicle communicates to the charger, the province where the charging station is located, along with the driver’s membership status.

Electrify Canada offers three power levels for pricing:

  • 1 – 75 kW
  • 1 – 125 kW
  • 1 – 350 kW
  • Depending on local utility rates and the power level of the EV, per minute DC fast charging prices can start as low as 21 cents per minute with Electrify Canada’s Pass+ membership.

How Electrify Canada determines an EV’s power level and its associated pricing:

  • Car communicates its charging capability:If your EV tells the charger that it can accept a maximum charging power of 95kW, for example, it is placed in the 1-125kW power level.
  • Per-minute price is locked in for the session: The power level set according to your EV at the start of your charging session determines the per-minute price, which stays the same throughout the session.
  • You’ll be shown the power level in which your car is placed at the start of the session. Your power level pricing will be shown on the charger screen or on the Electrify Canada app.
  • Session begins, but charging speed may vary: The charging speed may fluctuate throughout your session based on the vehicle’s requested power level depending on various factors, including: the vehicle model; external temperature; battery age; and the battery’s state of charge when the charging session begins.

Pricing information is available at: www.electrify-canada.ca

Electrify Canada is paving the way towards a nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers to enable Canadians to charge forward with EVs. The opening of the charging station at Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills, ON is the first of a planned 32 charging stations. The charging stations will be located near major highways and in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec


About Electrify Canada

Electrify Canada was established in July 2018. Electrify Canada’s goal is to promote greater Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by building a transformative, ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) direct current (DC) charging infrastructure that gives Canadians the speed and reliability to confidently make the switch to electric. For more information, visit: www.electrify-canada.ca/ 

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