Audi Design Drops Drawings of Q4 e-tron concept Ahead of Geneva

Audi has confirmed its star attraction for next Month’s Geneva Motor Show in the form of these three drawings from the Audi Design Team. Dubbed the Q4 e-tron concept, this design study is set to provide an in-the-alloy preview of Ingolstadt’s next step in electro mobility and set to go on sale in late 2020 or early 2021.

To be clear, this isn’t the e-tron Sportback. A 5-door with more sporting roofline teased in the e-tron Sportback concept car will be the next battery electric vehicle (BEV) from Audi. That crossover is expected to be a variant of the upcoming e-tron crossover set to hit market this spring. Given the e-tron is between Q5 and Q7 in size, and the Q4 nomenclature assigned to this concept, we’re expecting the Q4 e-tron concept to be closer to be between Q3 and Q5 in size, and for obvious reason.

The Geneva Motor Show is set to begin soon. March 5 is the first press day at Geneva, and the likely reveal date of the Q4 e-tron concept… possibly with a reveal the night before as Audi frequently shares its Geneva star car the night before the first press day at a brand or Volkswagen Group corporate event off site.

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