This Is the Audi Sport e-tron Mountain Bike

Audi has chosen to further its history of both electric vehicles and bicycles by combining the two with the new Audi Sport e-tron Mountain Bike. Merging lessons learned with both the Audi Sport Racing Bike introduced in 2015 and the carbon fiber intensive Audi e-bike Worthersee concept from 2012, the result is this new e-tron Mountain bike aims to be the lightest carbon e-mountain bike in the world at just 18.2 kilograms (40.12413 lbs.).

Carbon fiber is again central to this latest two-wheeled Audi, making use of a high modulus UD carbon monocoque frame and some of the best e-bike components paired with a mountain bike configuration. The result elevates the mountain biking experience to an altogether new level.

Quality wasn’t the only focus in developing the Audi Sport e-tron Mountain Bike. Visual appeal and an obvious tie to Audi Sport ensures it is also most handsome. This includes a stripe-oriented graphic approach pairing Audi Sport colors of glossy red and silver with a matte black underlying theme.

The e-mountain bike company Haibike is a development partner on the Audi Sport e-tron Mountain Bike. From that starting point, Audi paired some of the best and most lightweight components available in order to further differentiate the e-tron Mountain Bike from other more typical consumer e-mountain bikes on the market.

Audi’s own microsite for the bike details this even further.


The heart of the Audi Sport e-tron mountain bike is formed by a full suspension monocoque frame made of high-modulus UD carbon. The lightweight full suspension carbon frame weighing only 2.790 g is made from a special monocoque process for carbon fibre. Haibike uses the so-called unidirectional layer method (UD), in which the fibres do not cross, but are aligned in parallel according to the subsequent loading direction. Thereby, the stiffness of the component is increased and at the same time the weight can be reduced.

The 4-link rear suspension virtually eliminates torque influences of the Bosch engine on the suspension. The chassis thereby responds sensitively in every driving situation and efficiently compensates for all unevenness in terrain. With DT Swiss, forks and shock absorbers have been specially matched to the kinematics of the Audi e-tron MTB. The intelligent material mix of carbon, magnesium and aluminium significantly reduces the weight of the suspension components. Here both units are set or blocked via a remote lever on the handlebar while biking. The DT Swiss XMC 1200 wheel set with carbon rims is extremely light at 1,410 g, yet rigid and ideally suited for fast downhill biking.


The high-end model from the Flite series with a saddle shell made entirely of carbon and seat rails made of a carbon-ceramic mix. An absolute lightweight at only 125 grams. The wide, flat seat is exclusively covered with the original Audi fine nappa leather sourced from the R8 production. With the subtle, embossed Audi Sport logo and the subdued graphics it is an ideal match for the design of this Audi bike.


The motor, which has been significantly optimised for off-road performance, delivers a continuous, maximum torque of up to 75 Nm up to the high-speed range. In addition it also has the new “Direct Flow” technology, which guarantees powerful support in the lower gears above 20 rpm. “Trail Control” provides a dynamic power control, in which the biker can set just the right level of support (50–300%) and adjust perfectly to the trail. The Gear Change Control enables quick and gentle gear shifting while also ensuring sporty acceleration.


The most innovative mountain bike shifting. Never before have gear changes in the field been so fast and precise – and performed so lightly. The display on the handlebar not only provides information about which of the 11 gears is engaged and the battery charge level, the system can also be adjusted to your own preferences via software: from the gear change speed, up to the number of gears that can be engaged at one push of the shift lever. Another highlight of the shifting is the crash mode, which protects the rear derailleur mechanism by putting it into the middle position and disengage the motor from the cage.


The waterproof Bosch Nyon eBike computer for the all importantdata processing: e-bike controls, GPS navigation and fitness functions. The brilliant 4.3″ colour display with intuitive user interface, gives you the most important driving information, such as the support mode of the motor (Turbo/Sport/Touring/Eco), speed, pedal frequency, battery status and distance at a glance. The 2D and 3D navigation system as well as training data such as mileage, calories burned and pulse measurement all make Nyon the ideal training partner. Using the Bosch “ebike connect” smartphone app, tour destinations can be entered or the screen design adapted to the cyclist’s wishes.


The performance-oriented MT8 brakes from the German brake manufacturer Magura offers, with the forged 2-piston caliper brakes and its full carbon brake lever, an uncompromising stopping power and maximum stability. The extra lightweight and ergonomic full carbon two-finger brake lever and the carbon handlebar clamp convey a direct and accurate brake feeling. The perforated Strom brake rotors are fitted for the higher weight of an E-MTB especially with diameters of 203 mm at the front and 180 mm at the rear and offer excellent thermal resistance and reliable deceleration even when wet.

The Audi Sport e-tron Mountain Bike is now listed on Audi AG’s web store (HERE) though there are no current plans for sale via U.S. Audi dealers or channels at this time according to a source at Audi. Haibike itself does maintain U.S. distribution, so similar looking non-Audi branded bikes can be purchased in the U.S., but the Audi Sport e-tron Mountain Bike with its unique Audi Sport design and more exotic lightweight component configuration remains unavailable at the time of this writing.

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