Electrify Home® Introduces HomeStation®, a Connected Home Charging Solution to Simplify Electric Vehicle Ownership

source: Electrify America

The brand’s fastest Level 2 home charger to date offers WiFi capabilities and integration with the Electrify America mobile app, available this spring for $649 with free shipping and returns

Electrify Home today announced the launch of HomeStation, a sleek new Level 2 residential electric vehicle (EV) charger designed to make home charging more convenient than ever.

With adjustable charging power levels of up to 40 amps, professional and do-it-yourself installation options, and programmable WiFi features, customers will quickly find the HomeStation to be an essential everyday product that fits easily into their unique lifestyle. The ability to schedule charging times provides the ultimate flexibility and convenience, and can help customers save on energy costs by charging during off-peak hours where such utility rates are available.

Connected Capabilities
HomeStation customers will be able to rely on the Electrify America app for all their home and public charging needs. The HomeStation’s WiFi capabilities let users sync their product with the app – which can then be used to start and stop charging sessions remotely, schedule future home charging sessions, and view charging status and reminders. Switching back and forth between the public network of more than 2,400 chargers and the HomeStation unit is a breeze, helping keep track of all their charging history in one app.

HomeStation also allows for integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, so customers can use their favorite voice assistants to communicate easily with the HomeStation.

Faster Charging Speeds
Backed by the nation’s largest ultra-fast charging network, the HomeStation is the brand’s fastest home charger yet. Under the 40 amp configuration, the HomeStation can deliver charging speeds of up to 9.6kW – 6.8 times faster than on a Level 1 charger. This means capable vehicles can add up to 33 miles of range per hour while charging on the HomeStation.

“Today’s EV drivers are looking for charging solutions that fit seamlessly into their lifestyles, and we’re confident that the HomeStation will deliver that desired level of simplicity for their home charging needs,” said Nina Huesgen, senior manager, Home and eCommerce at Electrify America. “By giving drivers the freedom to control and customize their home charging experience through the same app they use to access our expanding public network, Electrify America is becoming a go-to source for all charging needs – whether at home or on the road.”

Cost Saving Options
The versatility of the HomeStation provides for flexible installation options that can save users money in the long run. The product can be installed with or without the help of a licensed professional, depending on the user’s comfort level. During installation, and with input from a licensed and qualified electrician, the amperage can be configured to deliver either 40, 32 or 16 amps to help avoid expensive upgrades to the home’s electrical panel. In addition, the ability to schedule charging through the Electrify America mobile app may allow users to take advantage of lower energy costs during off-peak hours where such utility rates are available.

Highlighted HomeStation Features:

  • Sleek New Design: HomeStation was styled by world renowned design and engineering firm Italdesign, and features a slim black silhouette that lights up blue while actively charging, and green to indicate readiness of use.
  • Ease of Use: The Level 2 charger can be installed indoors or outdoors, and includes a 24-foot charging cable to allow users to easily reach their EV for charging.
  • Flexible Installation: The supply power requirements are compatible with most electric dryer power circuits. The HomeStation can be plugged in using a NEMA 14-50 style plug or hardwired by a licensed and qualified electrician.
  • Tiered Installation Pricing: Customers choosing to have a professional electrician install their new Level 2 charger can choose among three different installation packages offered by Qmerit to select the one that best fits their installation needs. Custom installation services are also available. Packages begin at $695.
  • Adjustable Power: To help limit installation costs and possibly prevent panel upgrades, the charger’s maximum output can be configured during installation for 40 amps, 32 amps, or 16 amps to fit almost any home electrical panel rating. Desired output can be designated via the mobile app and with the input of a licensed and qualified electrician.
  • Customer Support: HomeStation includes a 3-year limited warranty on parts and 24-hour customer service via a dedicated Level 2 charging telephone number.

Beginning today, customers can visit www.ElectrifyHome.com to sign up for exclusive updates on the HomeStation – coming in spring 2021.

“With about 80 percent of EV charging taking place at home, we recognize the importance of providing convenient home charging solutions with increased speed and flexibility that can be adapted to meet the needs of each consumer,” said Huesgen.

The HomeStation follows the successful launch of the company’s first-generation home charger of its entry to market in 2019. Electrify America introduced Electrify Home as a dedicated home charging business unit last year, demonstrating its commitment to empowering a holistic independent lifestyle for EV drivers.

Beyond Electrify Home, Electrify America continues to grow its public network of ultra-fast EV chargers with a goal to install or have under development approximately 800 total charging station sites with about 3,500 chargers by December 2021. For business entities looking to achieve their electrification goals, Electrify America offers customized B2B charging solutions through Electrify Commercial.

For more information, visit ElectrifyHome.com.