Electrify America: Substantial Growth ’23, Plans Network Expansion to 5K Chargers in 2024

Electrify America experienced significant growth in 2023, with over 10 million customer charging sessions, doubling the sessions in 2022, according to validated data. The company estimates this increase led to over 1.3 billion electric miles driven and avoided the consumption of more than 52 million gallons of gasoline.

The North American network has continued to expand in 2023, with its electric vehicle (EV) charging network growing to over 900 stations across 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and six Canadian provinces.  Key growth drivers include expanding into Hawaii and North Dakota, increasing the network’s total number of chargers to over 4,000, and upgrading over 680 underperforming legacy chargers to Electrify America’s next-generation charger.

Looking ahead, Electrify America plans to expand the North American network further in 2024, with plans to reach 5,000 DC fast chargers by year-end, opening larger charging stations to meet the demand for public DC fast charging, and expanding Plug&Charge payment technology to support EV adoption.

On May 2, Electrify America marks the 6-year anniversary of the installation of its first Electrify America charging station. This infographic highlights our focus and progress.