Ed Bolian / VinWiki Leases Audi RS e-tron GT with “Lease Hack”

Ed Bolian, of VinWiki Youtube channel fame, will be the first to tell you he doesn’t buy new cars. Well… he didn’t before, but he just broke that pattern by leasing a new RS e-tron GT. As it turns out, Audi’s rebates and promotions on the RS e-tron GT are so good right now, that it presents an excellent opportunity to own an expensive car at a reasonable price.

In the video, Bolian says he got the lease for about $250 per month, “plus the fees and taxes and stuff like that.”. He learned of the deal with Nick Underwood at Audi Birmingham in Alabama who’d moved a large number of units based on the rate that is apparently part of Audi of America’s February promotions.

$250 sounds a bit aggressive, so we asked around and learned Ed probably did something to defray it, like pre-paying tax, tags and a one-time payment up front. Without those, the payment is probably closer to about $600 on a 12-month / 7,500 mile lease.

Regardless of which scenario you follow, it’s still a reasonable way to dip your toe into the EV water while driving a six figure car for the monthly payment of a much more pedestrian vehicle.

This is hardly a detailed analysis. I didn’t sit down and dig into the numbers with either dealer, but I they are reasonably close enough for the purpose of this story. If you’re interested Check in with our Audi dealer for more specifics.