Why Join?

We get asked all the time, especially when people learn we are a paid membership club, not a social media one. Fair question.
First, a one-year membership is just under $70 CDN. Let’s call it a tank of gas. An oil change. A really, really good air filter. You are an enthusiast, you can afford it.
What do you get? From the list below, are some things you’d likely get this year for a $70 investment.
  • Social/Scenic Drives – Well, you can always go on your own drive, for free. As a member, come on one of our drives and be part of an impressive lineup of great cars – may be as many as 30 or 40. Oh, and the club provides wheels-in-motion event insurance and likely some swag. We try to do a few drives a year.
  • Dealership Discounts – Some dealers offer a discount on Audi-branded parts wither from the parts counter or needed during service. This can pay for a membership with just one major repair.
  • Advanced Driver Education – Recently, we organized an advanced driving event at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP – or you may know it as Mosport), an all-day event, personal instructor, catered lunch, and members got a reduced rate that more than paid for a year’s membership.
  • New Car Discount – Audi Canada offers, on several models, a member discount between $250 and $1,000. That would pay for a couple of years!
  • Tech Sessions – Cars are becoming more and more complex. Some dealers do co-events with us, usually dealing with technology. Normally catered, with raffles and giveaways. Lots of people in the know who can answer questions without trying to sell you something. Call it worth the same as a night out at the movies.
  • Track Days and Racing – Well, the last track day we did was with Pfaff at CTMP a couple years ago. A discount was more than an annual membership.
  • Audi-themed Vacations – We can get you access to these, usually in Europe. The R8 tour and winter driving ones are popular. Consider us a no-fee travel agent.
  • Enthusiast Focused Magazine – Just try to find a full sized, glossy, award-winning magazine that you can even get in a print edition any more. Many say it is worth the membership just for the magazine.
  • Parts – Need parts? New, used, hard to find – we can help. Many of our member suppliers offer discounts to members.
  • Car Shows and Events – We have a calendar of events and it grows and grows and grows. List yours there if you like. For paid car shows, we often can get a member discount.
  • Bottom Line: we are a social club, of Audi (and Volkswagen) enthusiasts. Your dues go towards supporting our events, the magazine, and other car clubs. Give us a try. A tank of gas. Welcome to the club.