Always lots of opportunities in a volunteer-run club. Opportunities to help range from day-of-an-event assistance to chapter leadership; a couple hours helping out on a one-time basis to an hour or two a week. If you have some time to spare, the skills to share or want to learn something new, let us know. Maybe you have a great new idea - tell us and hopefully, you'll be able to run with it.

Here are some areas we could use some help in. Whether you're an expert or novice, let us know and let's work something out. These are volunteer positions - not paid.

Facebook - Everyone seems to have a Facebook presence, and we do too. We could use someone to moderate what's there and keep it fresh and interesting. We also want to do some Facebook advertising and want to make sure that is money well spent. Facebook is not the focal point of the chapter, our web page is, however, Facebook is very important to us.

LinkedIn - We're trying a LinkedIn presence too: focusing on the people who work in the Audi and Volkswagen industries: dealers, technicians, tuners, suppliers, services. Like the Facebook page, we want to keep it fresh and interesting to people in the industry. Want to do some advertising there too.