We’re the Eastern Canada chapter of the Audi Club North America. There are 31 chapters and 2 are in Canada. The chapter has members from Sudbury Ontario through to St Johns Newfoundland. Southern Ontario, Ottawa, and Montreal are the hubs of most activities.

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We are Audi owners and enthusiasts. About 1/3 of our chapter members are non-Audi owners: VW owners, Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW folks too. Our passion is Euro cars, information, and relaxing together.

Yes, we are a paid membership club. People say they get their membership “back” in discounts, events, and through our award-winning magazine.

We’re more than happy to collaborate on events with other clubs, big or small, real or virtual. We partner with dealers, vendors, Audi Canada, Audi of America, and Audi AG.

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If you have an idea, interest, or event, please talk with us. We’d be happy to meet you!