Drag Race: Audi RS 3 vs BMW M2

words: Bill Cho, video: Cars.co.az

Yesterday, we brought you the RS 3 sedan vs the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG drag race by Cars.co.az. In that video, they mentioned the drag race between the RS 3 and the BMW M2. That got us looking for the other video and it did not disappoint.

Cars.co.az had compared the two vehicles in the past. When their fans complained that the presenters never raced them, they decided to have a rematch. They had a small problem though. BMW did not have an M2 for them to use so they had to track one down. The one they found had a…um…definite non OEM lighting upgrade (found at 0:45).

This time, it’s a twofer. Two drag races for the price of one. First time out, the BMW didn’t have launch control activated so to be fair, they went at it again. After a long long…long time trying to figure out how to turn on the launch control in the BMW, they go again.

Who do you think won one or both races?