Did Volkswagen Reveal RS Q4 Drivetrain with ID.X Concept?

The MEB modular electric chassis matrix, on which the Audi Q4 is based, is relatively new in the lexicon of Volkswagen Group architectures. Thus far, cars like the Q4 and its Volkswagen ID.4, ID.7 and few other models have largely worked to establish a foothold in the relatively affordable space within the electric car market. Toehold now established, Volkswagen has revealed more performance-focused possibilities for MEB. Obviously, this is all highly relevant to Audi, its Q4 range and beyond. Could this drivetrain confirm what we can expect from an RS Q4?

Power in the ID.X concept comes from two motors, one at each axle and with a total output of 558 bhp. That’s approaching RS 6 / RS 7 power, which makes it a very interesting proposition.

Worth noting, Audi hasn’t placed an S or RS badge on the Q4 just yet, leaving room in its portfolio for more sporting options of its smallest EV crossover. How else it could improve, notably suspension and drivetrain tuning, is also very interesting to consider.

Just out of curiosity, we did a quick render of what an RS Q4 might look like, taking a Q4 Sportback and modifying it with lower suspension, RS 6 performance wheels and brakes, front fender flare from SQ8 e-tron and chin from RS 6 performance. So, what do you think?