Departures And Audi Reimagine In-Book Advertising With Innovative, First-Of-Its-Kind User-Activated Ad In November/December Issue

HERNDON and NEW YORK- Departures®, the luxury brand published by Meredith Corporation exclusively for American Express Platinum Card Members, in partnership with Audi of America, is unveiling an exclusive print advertisement in the November/December issue, featuring a user experience that emulates a premium feature of the all-new Audi A8.

The interactive in-book experience provides the reader with a key fob that animates organic light-emitting diode (OLED) taillights on a virtual Audi A8 when the page is opened for the first time. It can then be activated either by closing and reopening the pages or with the key fob. Locking and unlocking the all-new 2019 vehicle becomes a unique event as the lights animate to greet the driver. Watch how it works here.

The insert represents the authentic lighting technology being used by Audi for its A8 vehicle.

“The all-new Audi A8 marks a next generation for Audi lighting design, which is why we wanted a thoughtful and tech-forward approach to our print advertising,” said Loren Angelo, Vice President, Marketing, Audi of America. “The ad is more than a stunning visual; it’s a limited-edition experience that we hope will intrigue Departures readers and Audi fans who are consistently on the go. We wanted to create something so impactful that it would naturally get those readers’ attention.”

This is the first print execution of its kind for Departures. The breakthrough Audi A8 creative will be distributed to 25,000 targeted Departures readers in the November/December issue.

“We’re proud to partner with Audi on this extraordinary, show-stopping print execution that provides our sophisticated readers with this rare and imaginative introduction to the class and exhilaration of the new Audi A8,” said Giulio Capua, Vice President and Publisher, Departures. “We’re pleased to provide Audi the access to our proven high-spending audience, including the fastest growing audience of young affluents, who are seeking one-of-a-kind luxury experiences.”

The technology behind the print ad was created by Structural Graphics, a pioneer in the dimensional print marketing industry. Structural Graphics developed a record-breaking number of LEDs to mimic the Audi A8’s unique lighting design animation. The company also produced the remote control faux key fob that Departures readers will use to trigger the display lights – a one-of-a-kind experience that has never been done before.

The technology used to produce the insert was paired with art from Audi’s brand and creative agency, Venables Bell & Partners, to reinforce the elegant exterior styling of the all-new Audi A8.

The all-new 2019 A8 is the first production execution of the all-new premium Audi design language derived from Design Chief Mark Lichte’s Prologue concept, which is founded in state-of-the-art exterior lighting and proportional design.


The exterior lighting is state-of-the-art on the A8, particularly when equipped with the available HD Matrix design and rear lamps with OLED technology, further cementing Audi lighting leadership. The available OLED taillight lighting technology on the 2019 A8 results in a uniform and precise light that doesn’t cast harsh shadows or require reflectors. Visually, both taillights continue the horizontal architecture from the front of the vehicle, contributing to homogenous aesthetic. When the Audi A8 is locked or unlocked, the available OLED taillight animation sequence activates with two parallel loops stretching horizontally across the trunk lid. When the driver signals their intent to change lanes, the standard dynamic turn signals illuminate from the inside out to help create awareness for drivers following the A8.

Audi of America, Inc. and its U.S. dealers offer a full line of German-engineered luxury vehicles. The Audi Group is among the most successful luxury automotive brands globally. In 2016, AUDI AG delivered about 1.871 million Audi automobiles and broke all-time company sales records for the seventh straight year in the U.S. Visit or for more information regarding Audi vehicles and business topics.

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