Dealer Profile: Audi North Miami

words: George Achorn, photos: Audi North Miami

There’s no doubt that Miami is one of Audi’s hottest markets both figuratively and literally. In as much, it should be little surprise that one of that city’s key dealerships is also one of the nation’s largest – “the largest this side of Los Angeles” to be specific. Audi North Miami is that dealer, and it’s well worth taking a closer look at how one of Audi’s largest and busiest dealerships manages such a massive presence.

Previously known as Prestige Imports, the dealership itself has been in operation since 1977. Not long ago, that store was purchased by Group 1 Automotive, a multi-dealer company that operates three other Audi stores in the USA, not to mention several more Audi stores in the UK. More recently, Group 1 moved the dealership to its latest location. And, with no-less than 360,000 square feet, it is the largest of its kind in the USA.

That square footage is just the first of Audi North Miami’s very impressive numbers. Though cars arrive and depart on any given day, the store reports they maintain an inventory of about 860 vehicles that are all housed inside… as is the air-conditioned shop with 62 service stalls plus a three lane service drop-off. The latter plays host to frequent temperature controlled 25-30 car enthusiast car gatherings as took place recently with the ACNA Florida chapter.

Inside the showroom, this is Audi’s most modern brand terminal designs one an incredibly large scale. There’s an open multi-floor plan with both escalator and elevator.

Not surprisingly, this translates into a massive inventory on hand and equally large numbers in process either on-the-boat, in-port or in-production back in Ingolstadt and other Audi factories.

Those inventory numbers are hard to ignore. Tally cars in-house, units in port or in transit and all that sums up to about 1,000 cars. Several hundred more have been ordered and are in various stages of production. Out of curiosity, we inquired just what was in stock for some of Audi’s hottest and hardest to find new models the day we chatted with Audi North Miami and it sorted out to nearly 60 Q7s, 12 S5 Sportbacks, 15 S4s, and 11 SQ5s. Worth noting, this was before new offerings such as RS 3 and TT RS began to arrive.

Speaking of TT RS, another interesting strategy is Audi North Miami’s take on Audi exclusive. That the dealership regularly has something with Audi exclusive paint on hand and often something Nardo Grey may not be terribly unique, but they report that Merlin Purple has become a bit of a signature color for this dealership and they frequently have something custom painted in that color in the store. They recently sold an R8 V10 plus in the color, and a new Merlin Purple TT RS was on the boat and prepared to replace it in the showroom… providing it didn’t get sold before it even arrived.

Another strength of the dealership is its customer support. Whether that’s a one to one and a half day average for a service appointment and loaner, or a team of four dedicated to Audi connect questions, the dealership is keen on making sure Audi owners are taken care of. This extends well beyond its typical clientele too, because the dealership made a point of offering free car washes to any Audi owner during regular service hours. Even Audi owners from out of town are invited to stop by and check out the facility, plus pick up whatever type of Audi North Miami branded giveaway items they may currently be offering – currently a beach ball FYI.

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