Concept Corner: Audi Le Mans quattro

source: Audi AG

Editor’s note: Occasionally, we feature a concept vehicle on the site. Most don’t make it into production but this one did..the Audi Le Mans quattro concept became the Audi we now know as the R8.

Originally published on November 19, 2003

  • Ready to run in only eleven months
  • Top-secret task for a small Audi team
  • Combining motor racing, luxury, high-tech and design

The Audi Le Mans quattro is the first car of its kind: a high-performance sports car that sends a tingle down your spine but is also suitable for regular day-to-day driving – a driving machine with luxury built in. It was developed in conditions of strict secrecy, according to the Audi philosophy that even a show car must be close to reality and fully functional. Only eleven months elapsed between the first design sketches and the car’s sensational debut at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. The car’s concept indicates the direction that future Audi developments will take, with its combination of stimulating design and the brand’s entire motor-sport and technical know-how. But how does a show car like the Le Mans quattro come into being? Let us look at the making of this car in more detail.