Choice Gear: Schaper Stomper II Audi quattro 4×4 Rally Car Toy

words: Bill, photos: stomperworld

On our Choice Gear column in quattro Magazine, we highlight the latest and potentially greatest items available to Audi owners but for this one, we’re going back in time. While this item isn’t something you can use to mod your Audi, it’ll bring equal amounts of pleasure. What we have here is a Stomper II Audi quattro 4×4 rally toy car.

We have one in the office that my colleague purchased off eBay as he had one back in the 80s. We are about the same age and I can honestly say that I do not remember these at all. Not just the quattro but none of the Stompers. If you’re not familiar with Stompers, they were battery powered toy cars that had 4WD made by Schaper Toys. As they had 4wd, their lineup featured a lot of pickup trucks, Jeeps, and even the AMC SX/4. But then they went German. I asked George to make a video of his quattro Stomper. Here’s his explanation of it:

He gladly did as it was a needed distraction from office life. His Stomper has been well played with as you can tell from the worn paint (not saying that George plays with it constantly…not at all) and he acquired his from eBay. This one has never been removed from its blister packaging so it’s ‘brand-new’, never ran, collector’s item as it gets.

1984 Schaper Stomper II white Audi Quattro 4×4 Rally car! 🔥 MOC. Much harder to find with the battery and stunt wheel packaged on the sides of the bubble. Bubble has a crack on top from age see pics. Condition is “New”. Shipped with USPS Priority.

As it is an unopened original and the kids who played with these back in the 80s are now looking back at vehicles from that era with great fondness (RADwood is a great example), the price reflects that. So how much is this? It has a Buy It Now price of $325. Can money buy happiness? Well as the saying goes, it may not but it can buy car parts (or toys) and that’s the same thing. You can find it on eBay HERE.