Choice Gear: Recycling Old Calendars When the Days Align

It’s rare that we offer decorating advice, but a stack of old Audi Sport calendars sitting here on the conference table got us to thinking about creative re-use of wall calendars that are a popular accessory to most genres of automotive enthusiasm. Sure, you can hang any old calendar on the wall we suppose, but there’s still something not quite right for the logical German tendencies in us. Now, if the dates were correct, that would make sense.

Let’s backtrack. Large graphic calendars have been synonymous with the car enthusiast hobby as long as nearly any living car enthusiast can remember. For fans of the Audi marque, this is especially so. Audi Sport and Audi Tradition in Germany have offered incredible photography in large, heavy stock printed calendars for decades. Similar offerings from tire manufacturer Pirelli are traded at great premiums amongst collectors, while even virtual Audi enthusiast site has been in on the printed calendar action for years and highlights photography and cars of its forum members.

That’s all well and good, but what do you do when the year is over? We’ve come into possession of our share of calendars over the years. Then, amidst the pandemic and on a whim, we bought a large lot of Audi Sport and Audi Tradition calendars from a German automobilia auction. They’ve been sitting on the aforementioned conference table ever since they arrived, and we’ve been racking our brain for ideas on creative reuse. That’s when it hit us.

It may be obvious, but the days align identically between years. A quick googling taught us that 2020 is identical to 1992… which would be a D1 V8 DTM calendar by our measure. For Audi Sport at least, each year’s calendar celebrates the team’s exploits in the previous season. It would’ve been cool, but we didn’t have one for that year. Drat.


We googled again for 2021 and stumbled across the site that has a calculator for such things. Turns out 2021 is also the same as 1982, 1993, 1999 and 2010.

We said our stack of calendars was big, but it doesn’t have everything. 1982 would have been a season in the WRC, 1993 another season in the early days of DTM, 1999 would have been the end of the A4 B5 touring car era.

Alas, we didn’t have any of those, but we did have an Audi Sport 2010 calendar. That’s B8 A4 DTM, so we’ve hung 2010 on the wall of the office and have then Audi Sport driver Timo Scheider looking pensively at us until February.

Let’s face it. If you want to know the date today, you look at your phone. We’re no different. Even still, it’s cool to have a calendar on the wall of the office or in your garage…. even cooler when it harkens a bygone era and still shows a correct date reference.