Choice Gear: MOC LEGO Audi Sport quattro by Pingubricks

words: Bill, photos: Jan (Pingubricks)

LEGO and Audi have a wonderful relationship. In fact, sitting on my shelf are a Speed Champions Sport quattro S1, two Audi R8 LMS, and an Audi R18 e-tron quattro. The S1 is obviously done in the style of a rally Sport quattro but what if you wanted a ‘civilian’ Sport quattro? As with Hot Wheels and Matchbox customizations, there is a whole world of unofficial LEGO designs out there and we’ve found a kit that you will want. Actually, it’s not a kit per se but rather an instructional packet where you can build your own Sport quattro (though Jan does sell the full kit).

MOC (My Own Creation) are unique LEGO models not available from LEGO but rather designed by enthusiasts; in this case, Jan (Pingubricks). Jan has painstakingly recreated the legendary Sport quattro with…1,255 parts. The hood opens as well as the doors, trunk, and even the glovebox.

Jan’s instructions are high quality and digitally made, just like LEGO instructions. If you don’t have the bricks in that box of loose LEGOs in your closet, Jan also will sell you the full kit or you can order them from several places like Bricklink and Brickowl

The instructions cost €15 ($18USD) and are definitely worth it. Make sure to check out his other designs like the Audi Sport quattro E2 Pikes Peak / Hillclimb and the EPS Motorsport Audi Sport quattro S1E2 Pikes Peak. You can find this 1984 Sport quattro HERE and Jan’s Instagram page HERE. If you would like to reach out to Jan, his email address is [email protected].

Thanks Will for the heads up and to Jan for answering my questions and providing the pictures.