Choice Gear: Hot Wheels with Audi RS 6 Avant for 2018

Heads up to Audi RS 6 Avant fans, as it appears the dark red metallic wagon you see here appears to be available in the United States. Yes, it’s just a toy, but this 1:64 scale Avant will have to hold you over… at least for now.

Here’s what we know about this Hot Wheels RS 6. The car is part of Hot Wheels 2018 Super Treasure Hunt set, part of the Factory Fresh series in the Hot Wheels lineup. The car is painted “Spectraflame burgundy” with HW:RS 618 license plate, quattro script logo on the grille and “TH” logo (Treasure Hunt?) at the rear. We’re also guessing an Audi enthusiast had a hand in speccing this car, as it also features the toy manufacturer’s turbo fan style wheel that’s no new thing to longtime Audi Sport fans.

We’re still trying to figure out whether or not you may find this Audi RS 6 in main line stores like Target, or toy stores in the United States. We’ve been able to confirm they’re popping up in Europe, and we can find a slew of them marked up and available over on Ebay. At least one of those confirms an “American” backing card, so we suspect these have gone into distribution.

Find details on this Hot Wheels RS 6 HERE on, and see them listed on Ebay HERE.