Choice Gear: Blipshift with Audi Group B T-shirt Design

We’ll admit it. We’re suckers for a cool T-shirt design and this Group B rally design from Blipshift most certainly qualifies. The car shows Audi’s short wheelbase S1 catching air in the 1,000 Lakes rally.

Notably, 1,000 Lakes in Finland is very well known for its many, many jumps. The route is brutal on cars, sending them airborne and then crashing back down to the ground over, and over and over. It certainly makes for fantastic photography… and T-shirts.

Worth reminding, this is Blipshift, which means time is limited… at least until they re-release the design somewhere down the road. If you want this shirt, there’s just under 14 hours left to order it as of this writing. Find more on it HERE.