Choice Gear: Avant Appreciation, Small Chassis Audi, & League of Small Chassis

words: Bill, photos: Audi Club TeePublic Store

Editor’s note: We run a column in quattro Magazine called Choice Gear where we feature cool things we think Audi enthusiasts will want to have. These are several of them.

Did you know that we have an on-demand store that offers some pretty cool designs (if we may say so ourselves)? What you see above are the newest designs.

Avant Appreciation T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a long roof especially an Audi long roof? Well, show your appreciation with the Avant Appreciation t-shirt.

Small Chassis Audi T-Shirt

This is a stylized version of the iconic ur-quattro.

League of the Small Chassis T-Shirt

And if the above shirt doesn’t grab you, join the League of Small Chassis Audi.

The great thing about TeePublic is that you can order the design not only on a t-shirt but also as a sticker, coffee mug, poster, hoodie, etc. There’s an option for everyone. Plus, you’ll find old designs from the past and all the chapters logos. Find all the designs HERE.