Chapter Update

Audi Club Chicagoland
Chapter Update

Although it might not look like it on the surface, there has been a lot going on at the Chicagoland Chapter and we wanted to bring you all up to date. As some of you may know the leadership of the Chapter, after serving well for many years, resigned their positions last summer. To fill this void John Haniotes, Tom Cramer, Dennis Mark, and myself volunteered to take on the open director positions. We were subsequently appointed as Chapter directors by the Audi Club North America Board of Directors and tasked with not only continuing on the path we were going but also find new ways to make the Chapter more valuable to a great number of members.

We had hoped to meet you all in person by now at a Club sponsored event but the rules surrounding COVID have made that impossible. However, we still plan to hold a Meet and Greet event as soon as conditions permit. Our current  plan is to begin holding some virtual events before the end of the year beginning with a tech session in early December.

In the meantime, we have been trying to keep in touch through our Facebook page and our new Facebook Group while we put all the Chapter systems in place. As I mentioned, we are currently appointed directors and our Chapter by-laws call for all directors to be elected. ANCA has charged us with holding an election for directorship posts in the near future. All of four us who currently hold these positions will be running for election to a full term. If anyone else would like to run for a director position, please let us know. Requirements for candidates, which include a minimum two-year membership in ANCA, are spelled out in the by-laws. We will be sending out a follow-up email in the coming days with all relevant eligibility requirements as stated in the by-laws along with the timing of the election.

We will also be looking for members who would like to head the various committee chairs we have open.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to ramping up activities as the pandemic allows. Hopefully we will be back on a full schedule before the end of next summer.


Tom Rowan

Vice President Audi Club Chicagoland Chapter