Greet the New Chapter Leaders of the Chicagoland Chapter

With the National Board of Directors approval, please welcome the new leadership of the Chicagoland Chapter:

John Haniotes, President

My Audi story began in 1992 when I purchased my  first Audi — a 1992 grey 100S sedan– and continues today with the recent purchase of my 27th Audi, a 2017 black optic TT S-Line roadster. It’s a perfect match to my 2018 S4 sedan.  I joined the Chicagoland Audi Club in 1994. In May 2016 I was able to host  our first Cars & Coffee and have been helping to institute track and social events for the chapter ever since.

My goal as a new Director is to continue providing interesting, enjoyable and meaningful social events for our members. I have been so fortunate to know so many wonderful Audi enthusiasts over the years and I look forward to an energetic  start in 2021.

Tom Rowan, Vice President

I have been a fan of Audi since 1978 when I saw my first Audi 5000. When the Quattro was introduced in 1980 I was sold on the brand. But it wasn’t until 2015 that I was able to purchase my first Audi and join the ACNA. Over the past five years I have been participating in and helping to host track events, cars and coffee, and fall and spring drives. My hope is to reinvigorate the Chicagoland Chapter and help all members maximize the enjoyment of their Audis.

Tom Cramer, Treasurer

My friend and college John Haniotes introduced me to his love of Audi. At the time I had been driving Acura’s for years. When it came time to replace my TL I knew I wanted to move up into an Audi. I had dreams of purchasing an A7. After my first test drive my salesman Necko said I should also try the brand new A5 Sportback as a comparison. Shortly after taking off, I felt like the size was a much better fit for me. It would also allow me to move up into an S model and stay within my budget. I purchased my first Audi S5 Sportback Prestige Package in July of 2017 as my everyday car. I am an avid cyclist and being able to pop the hatch and slide my bike in without taking off the wheels is awesome. In June of 2018 I took it to the Audi Owners Driving Experience, at the Autobahn in Joliet. This was a very fun day of excitement I will never forget. I love every time I get behind the wheel of my car because it is so fun to drive and also like getting the compliments from strangers.

I joined the Chicagoland Audi Club a few days after purchasing my car. I have enjoyed attending our local Cars & Coffee events. I love seeing other Audi owner’s vehicles and what they have modified on the car to make it their own.

My goal as a new Treasurer is to help my fellow board members, create new enjoyable social events for our members so they can have everlasting memories like I have had. I look forward to meeting many more Audi enthusiasts at many exciting events in 2021! Audi owner forever, Tom Cramer

Dennis Mark, Secretary

Audi Club Member since 2011

I have had the pleasure to help set up and run several Spring, Summer and Fall drives and also to coordinate some get togethers at local restaurants for the club the last few years.  I’m looking forward to a full calendar of events that provide an opportunity for Audi enthusiasts to share our passion for this fine brand, to experience the joy of driving, and to share our love of our automobiles with our friends and families.