6th Annual ACNA / TJR High Performance Driver’s Event – Gingerman Raceway

Gingerman Raceway
61414 Co Rd 388
South Haven, MI 49090

Click for a map of the location

It’s that time of year again, partnering with Team Janica Racing, The Annual MBH Memorial Event is right around the corner. The event will be held at the beautiful Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan on Sept 22nd thru 24th.

For those who have never attended our Driver’s Schools I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. You will be surrounded by fellow Audi enthusiasts who share the same passion for driving as you do. Participants will attend a classroom session before heading to the cars for a series of challenging exercises that will help to demonstrate the abilities of your car. After the exercises the students will be paired with our club instructors where they will receive one on one instruction and “on track” coaching for the remainder of the weekend.

GingerMan Raceway 2015 Repave
In January 2014, Dan Schnitta and GingerMan Raceway management contacted asphalt paving specialists to evaluate the track. Originally paved in 1995, the track pavement was intact, but there were 1 1⁄2-inch cracks that had been filled with rubber crack seal. “When we decided it was time to repave our 20-year-old race track, we went looking for a west Michigan asphalt contractor not only willing to take on the magnitude of our project but who would be willing to work with us,” says Mary Phelps, managing director of GingerMan Raceway. “There is no guidebook on how to build the best and fastest racetrack. Every track is unique.”

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of GingerMan is our dedication to the safety of the driver. The course layout was designed to minimize the chance of damaging yourself or your vehicle. GingerMan is considered the safest track in the region and among the safest of tracks in the nation. This makes us perfectly suited for both the novice driver who is learning the ropes and the advanced driver who is pushing the threshold.

Gingerman is an entire weekend of activity. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

Friday evening:

TBD: All all solo, intermediate, advanced & instructors.

Arrival and registration

Car tech check (basic safety inspection)

Drivers meeting – This is where you get all the details for the weekend activities / run groups.

Meet your instructor

Head back to hotel or campsite (you can camp right at the track)


TBD: Drivers meeting

Lapping sessions begin – Instructors on track and students in classroom.

Lunch (Gingerman has a pretty good concession stand – they offer breakfast also)

Lapping all afternoon. This is a one on one in your car with your instructor. He / she will evaluate your driving and work with you at a pace that you are both comfortable with. During these lapping sessions you will only be on the track with others in your run group who have similar experience. The focus is on safety, driving the correct line, proper braking, and learning how the car reacts in different situations.


TBD: Drivers meeting

Lapping all day with your run group / instructor. This is a continuation of Saturday so you will be able to continue to work on the skills learned on Saturday and move on to more advanced techniques.

Our instructors will tailor the instruction to your individual needs. If you feel comfortable with the basics the instructor may choose to focus on more advanced driving techniques.

When you are not on the track you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. If at any time you have questions just ask one of the event coordinators or any of the instructors. That’s what we’re here for!

Please note the Driver’s Meeting and Tech Check are MANDATORY!

Register on-line now or find hard copy registration – PLEASE read all of the instructions / information on the registration form prior to sending in the application.

2017 Audi Club North America Event Rules

The minimum helmet rating for Audi Club events for 2017 has been set at Snell M2005. Please keep in mind that a higher minimum standard may apply if mandated by another sanctioning body (e.g., some tracks set their own minimum standard, as do some local club chapters). The minimum helmet rating in the absence of any other sanctioning body mandate is M2005 for Audi Club events.

Please note that ALL convertibles must be equipped with an SCCA-approved 4-point roll bar and will be subject to the broomstick/2-inch rule in order to participate in an ACNA Driver’s School. Attendees with convertibles MUST contact the event master and inform him/her that you wish to participate with a convertible.

The broomstick/2-inch rule means that when a broomstick is placed from the windshield header across to the roll bar, there must be 2 inches or more of space between the HELMETED head of the driver and the bottom of the broomstick. Failure to pass this test means you can’t drive this vehicle at an ACNA Driver’s School. If you fail to notify the event master and just “show up” with a convertible, and subsequently fail the test, you will not receive a refund.

Membership is required for participation in Audi Club driving schools (instructors too). This is not only an issue of member privilege (and member benefit) but also an issue of insurance coverage.