Poll Created to Bring Audi RS 5 Avant to America

Now that we’ve seen the RS 5 Avant testing, it’s only natural that North Americans are eager to see it come to this side of the pond. America hasn’t always been on the short list for RS Avants, but the C8 RS 6 Avant proved the market demands just such a car. So, how can we coerce Audi of America and Audi Canada to bring it over? One enthusiast is trying his best by using the tools at his disposal, namely a petition over on

We do hear Audi is considering the car for the U.S., which would likely mean Canada as well. Further, Audi did bring over the first-generation TT RS (Mk2) after just such a survey. Admittedly, the decision on the TT RS may have already been made by the time that survey appeared. With luck, it’s already been made here as well. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to bolster the numbers.