Name: Amanda Rathbone & Chris Hawkins
Location: Asheville, NC
Instagram: mingo_bigbody (Amanda) & traveling_man17 (Chris)- Go ahead and follow to keep up with our Shenanigans !! 
Cars: Amanda in the past had a 2011 Subaru Legacy 3.6R followed by a 2019 Chevrolet Suburban to currently owning a D4 2013 A8L that earned her nickname “Bigbody” that is now Stage 3!!!
Chris has had a plethora of vehicles (too many to list, however the hardest to imagine “a miata”). Recent past he owned a 2011 Subaru WRX STI followed by a 2018 GMC Sierra, and yes of course all were heavily modded-to currently owning a B9 S4 that is Stage 2!!
Dream Car: Amanda’s is a 911 GT3 Porsche while Chris has to go a lil’ vintage with a Shelby Daytona.
About Me/Us: ACNA members since October 2021 where the “Audi”ction began. Chris is a born and raised an Ashevillian while Amanda is Florida born and WNC raised. Both having had a life-long automobile influence turned enthusiasm & shamelessly acquiring a heavy led foot & addiction to speed. Chris holds a military, mechanic & construction background while always open to exploring new directions. Amanda, while not behind the camera lens, works in the Dental field where she’s retained her job for the same office for 18 years. Amanda has two kids, Mason (15) and Allie (12), Chris has Fathered a child Coletyn, who is 10, his entire life. The Carolinas Chapter has welcomed us with open arms & we’ve truly enjoyed networking and getting to know everyone in the Audi fam! With His & Hers there’s always a friendly competition taking on the mountain curves but our favorite thing to do is discover the open road. With leadership qualities, we both look forward to helping grow the Asheville circle, and to meeting you if we haven’t already!!