Name: Shaun Ackerman

Location: Broadway, NC

Instagram: irish_mafia_1

Current Cars: 2021 RS5 Coupe, 2016 Audi TTS, 2021 Ducati V4, 2007 Nissan Titan

Past Cars: 1997 Trans am Firebird, 2006 Corvette C6, 2015 Subaru BRZ blue edition,

2017 Corvette C7, 2016 Audi S3

Dream Car: That’s hard, but I have two. 1. Calvo Motorsports 2017 Dodge viper ACR, 2. 2021 R8

About me: I was born in Nebraska but raised in Missouri. I grew up with Mark Twain National forest in my back yard and would often find myself miles away from home exploring. I joined the Army at 17 and bounced around a few places before settling into the highlight of my career here at Fort Bragg. I have had a long and often exciting career of 26 years but I have recently retired and am moving on to new things. I met my wife Kelly during my last years in the military and we have been together for 7 great years. We are constantly on the go and always up for an adventure. She loves to surf, ski, go hiking, play the piano and violin, kind of a jack of all trades while I just ride motorcycles and used to skydive and tandem skydive for my adrenaline rush.  We have a small sheep farm that requires a lot our attention as well, between chickens, sheep and Kangal dogs we have our hands full. I have always had a passion for things that go fast and from fast corvettes to even faster bikes, the Audi still puts a smile on my face. Although nothing beats dragging a knee around a sharp corner on beautiful bike! I don’t think Kelly will admit it but she has a passion for performance in her Audi as well.