Name: Tony Hamilton

Location: Denver,NC

Current Car: 2012 B8 S4 Prestige w/ 6spd manual , APR Stage 2 Tune, Royal Midnight Blue Metallic paint.

Past Cars: 330I, 335I, 535I, 550I.

Dream Car: V10 R8, 911GT2 RS!

About me: Well, I was born and raised in Gastonia, NC. Moved to Lincoln County in 1994 & settled in Denver in 2009. I’ve been employed by Walther Farms since 2015. I grew up a die hard Ford Mustang guy most of my life until I bought my first BMW. Then I started learning about German cars and how much better they were built than American cars, how much the difference in the quality was between the two! So, I was hooked on German cars and after several BMW’s, I bought my B8 S4 and Oh boy was I ever hooked…..😃!! Best car I’d ever owned! The Audi was much better than any of the BMW’s that I’d owned! So now I’m currently searching for an RS5 and then the natural progression to an R8!