Audi Club Carolina’s newest premium sponsor: JXB Performance

JXB Performance is a grassroots performance company started in 2019 when the owner ran out of parts to make his B8 S4 autocross race car faster. In just a few years, JXB Performance went from making parts to make their cars faster to a successful aftermarket parts company specializing in unique parts to solve vehicle-specific problems. Their innovative 2-piece driveshaft carrier design fixes the weakest part in the driveshaft without having to remove it from the car. They also design shifter upgrades and spherical suspension bushings and are a dealer for select brands such as Autotech, Ringer Racing, and SPC.
When the JXB Performance team isn’t working you’ll find them at a local autocross, ice race, or HPDE event “testing their products”.

ACNA Carolinas members receive a discount of 10% off all driveshaft carriers, shifter upgrades, and extended slave cylinders use code:  ACC10

Reach out to JXB for details.