Meet your leadership: Lawrence Bland – Charleston Area Director

Name: Lawrence Bland
Location: Ladson, SC
Instagram: @thevrcabrioguy
Current cars: 2 B8 SQ5s, Mk 3.5 Cabrio, T1 Touareg, Mk4 R32, Mk6 Golf
Past Cars: e30 318i, Mk3 Jetta, Mk4 Jetta, B5 A4, B5 S4, T2 Touareg TDI, T1 Tiguan
Dream Car: Porsche 911 GT3/Audi R8 V10
My love for the VW/Audi scene started from the first Fast and Furious movie believe or not. The one lone VW reminded me of myself. The one who wanted to be different from the rest. Upon purchasing my first VW I met a group of people that were like nothing that I could explain. Through my love of VWs, I eventually started in the Audi scene where I purchased my first B5 A4 and later my B5 S4, I eventually sold both vehicles (big mistake) but I couldn’t shake my love for those four rings. My wife definitely kept that spark alive with her love for Audis as well. So we have have two matching SQ5s and now I have become the Coastal Area Director (South). With this position I intend to build on the friendships I’ve made over the years and create new friendships with people I hope to meet soon. My hopes are to develop this area into one that host meets, cruises, and eventually give back to the community I have lived in all my life.