Meet your leadership: John Page Jr – Triangle Director

Name: John & Rhonda Page
Location: Dunn, NC
Current Cars:
2003 TT Roadster
2016 A5 Cabriolet S-Line Premium Plus
Past Cars:
1st car: 1965 VW Beetle, 76 Pontiac Sunbird, 78 Pontiac Grand Prix, 1988 Chevrolet Camaro & others less notable.
Tell us a little about yourself:
Rhonda and I are new to the world of Audi’s but actually began dating in a 1965 VW Beetle. So after 35 years of marriage we have come back to German Cars. When we bought our first Audi TT Roadster we were actually looking for a Corvette for me. Instead we ended up getting her the TT. Liked it so much we went to Audi Raleigh and purchased a brand new A5 which we spent about three months looking. We knew as soon as we laid eyes on it. We have made many new friends since joining ACNA and have tried to be active members by hosting events in the Triangle Area.
Dream Car: Probably an S8 or an R8, but overall, I think I’m driving my dream car right now. 2016 A5 Cabriolet S-Line Premium Plus in Florent Silver.