Back to the Noughties: Milltek Sport Classic Welcomes the Next Generation of Classic Performance Heroes Including Mk1 TT


  • Performance exhaust specialist extends its Milltek Sport Classic range to include the next generation of modern classics
  • Milltek Sport has developed bespoke new OEM+ systems to add to the existing line up for the latest crop of classic performance heroes, including the Audi TT, Honda Integra Type R, Mini Cooper S, Mitsubishi Evolution (VII/VIII), Volkswagen Golf R32 and Audi RS4 (B5/B7)

[source: Milltek Sport]

Milltek Sport, the leading premium performance exhaust manufacturer, has further extended its Milltek Classic range to include some of the most celebrated performance cars from the early noughties.

The announcement follows an increase in demand for high quality, OEM+ exhaust systems from owners of the latest generation of modern classics – with cars such as the Audi TT and Mitsubishi Evolution becoming hot property for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Milltek Sport offer premium exhausts for the Audi TT, Honda Integra Type R (DC5), Mini Cooper S (R53) and Mitsubishi Evolution VII/VIII, allowing owners to upgrade their standard exhaust for a superior system without compromising on performance, design or sound quality.

Milltek Sport says that while some choose larger bore, race-inspired set ups, many customers choose an upgraded item which emulates the original factory design.

“We see our new extended range of Milltek Sport Classic systems as a sign of the times,” says Steve Pound, Managing Director at Milltek Sport. “Interest is growing in the most exciting cars from the early noughties, and we expect the value of these cars to follow suit. These cars are now passing their twentieth birthday and will soon be considered as classics in their own right. A Milltek Sport Classic system offers the perfect balance of OEM+ design, superior quality and enhanced performance and sound.”

All Milltek Sport systems are designed for optimum durability, performance, driving dynamics and aesthetics – constructed from highly durable and anti-magnetic T304L ‘aircraft grade’ stainless steel which is less susceptible to discoloration. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow, with an increased bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.

Those wishing to enquire about Milltek Sport’s leading range of premium exhaust systems are invited to contact their nearest stockist today – found at:

Founded in the UK in 1983 by a true car enthusiast, Milltek Sport has grown to become a global, leading manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for a continually expanding range of vehicles.

With headquarters in Derby, UK, a development and testing centre near Germany’s iconic Nürburgring race circuit, and a recently opened USA facility in Tennessee, Milltek Sport designs, develops and tests its range of exhaust systems in-house using state of the art equipment.

Milltek Sport caters for the latest range of performance and premium vehicles, whilst staying true to their roots with an OEM+ range of systems for a wide range of heroes from the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s.

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