B10 Audi S5 Sportback Spied

In this latest batch of Alpine B10 Sportback spy images, we believe we see the makings of the S5 Sportback specification.

So far, most of the B10 Sportback prototypes seen have had basically the same spec, except some having quad exhaust tips that were likely S5s as well. In this case though, what we see under the camoflauge is what appears to be a more production bumper design that is more sporty, not to mention the grille that wears the new S-car spec lattice work.

Compared to the current model, the singleframe grille appears to be wider and lower. Expect this design language to continue in other new models.

Power is expected to continue with a turbocharged V6 internal combustion engine, though could see some augmentation with mild-hybrid technology we’ve seen in Audi’s C-segment cars.

Expect a debut in the second half of 2024.