Audi TT RS Recall…For Being Too Loud?

words: Bill, photos: Audi AG

There are reports in Germany of a recall of TT RS produced between 2015-2018 (pre-facelift). The reason? The German KBA (Federal Motor Carrier Administration) states: ‘inadmissible noise’. In other words, they’re too loud. We’re not talking about aftermarket; the OEM is producing ‘inadmissible noise’.

Audi is recalling 1,677 TT RS in Germany that need to be ‘functionally adjusted’. According to the letter owners are receiving, it only requires a software update.

When updated, the exhaust flaps can no longer be opened in comfort, automatic, and individual mode. Not only that but the start up exhaust note is no longer present. Boooo. Hopefully this recall won’t make its way across the pond because…well…that inadmissible noise is awesome. Audi TT RS owners…start your engines!