Audi TT RS Facelift Test Mule Spied with Audi Sport performance parts

Our spy photographer partners have nabbed shots of an interesting TT RS test mule rounding the famed Nürburgring on a test day. This bright yellow example peaked their curiosity, and we ended up in a text conversation debating just what it was that we were seeing?

In regards to timing, spying a TT RS is a little out of sync. Production examples of the updated car are already arriving at U.S. dealers. Our local Audi dealer literally just started posting photos of their first delivery beginning this morning.

Is it a new special edition model? Could it be an end-of-run TT RS plus as Audi did last time around? We’d guess no. The TT RS update is just now hitting dealers and so it’s a bit early for that.

Our photographer sources thought maybe a TT clubsport. What that means perhaps is up for debate, but the TT clubsport turbo concept car that debuted a few years ago featured a 2.5 TFSI with 48-volt electrics that also helped power an eTurbo in order to produce even more power. It’s a neat idea, but we’re again guessing it’s too late in this generation TT model line production to see such an evolution.

Our best guess, and what we told our sources, was that we figured Audi is testing aero on its Audi Sport performance parts range. TT RS fans likely already know the drill, but Audi Sport created a whole line of serious performance parts meant to upgrade both the TT RS and the R8. When those cars were facelift, it brought about the need for updated compatible parts. Hidden components like coilovers and chassis braces needed no changes, but updated bodywork on the outside meant that the ground effects from the Audi Sport performance parts range would need changing as well.

Given this car wears no prototype specific camouflage, we’re guessing this isn’t anything especially top secret. All that said, this is the first time we’ve seen the Audi Sport performance parts applied to the updated TT RS. Sure, it’s not wearing the Audi Sport performance parts wheels, but the rest of the external cues appear to be entirely in line with the product range.