Audi SQ7 Test Mule Spied

With the Audi S6, S6 Avant and S7 Avant dropping yesterday, it’s worth taking a closer look at SQ7 test mules that surfaced a few weeks back. It’s a poorly kept secret that Audi intends an S-version of its blue chip 7-seater Q7 for the SUV-crazy USA. In as much, it’s interesting to consider this SQ7 as part of a greater C/D segment mix of S-cars.

Like the S6 and S7, it’s believed that there will be two versions of the SQ7. Europe will get a TDI, and likely the same one that’s just been confirmed for the S6 and S7 (HERE).

That S6 and S7 press release also confirmed that those cars’ engine will be a 450 hp version of Audi’s 2.9-liter biturbo… likely similar to the engine in the RS 5 based on the description.

Since the Q7 launched in 2017, it’s firmly entrenched itself as an A-list 7-seater, logging too many awards and top crash-test ratings in the process. A performance version of the model is frankly a no-brainer for Audi.

See more photos of the SQ7 test mule below.