Audi Sport Teases e-tron Vision GT Concept For Gran Turismo Game

words: Bill Cho, photos: Audi Sport

Get ready because on April 6th, Audi Sport will unveil the e-tron Vision GT Concept for Gran Turismo. This Playstation franchise has been around since 1997 and Audi has been a part of it since Gran Turismo 2. From street cars like the TT to race cars like the Audi R18 TDI, Audiphiles have been challenging each other for years.

Talk on the internet suggest that due to its silhouette, the e-tron Vision GT Concept will be an R8 based electric or possibly a hybrid race car. But then again, it is a concept car so it could be anything the designers want it to be.

Either way, this should be an exciting car and uphold the Audi tradition in the Gran Turismo franchise. We can’t wait to challenge each other in the Audi Club North America office. It will be time well spent.