Audi-specific Castrol EDGE Euro

By Aaron Richardson

Driving an Audi is an enthusiast’s game. The uninitiated might see the Ingolstadt brand’s machines as another face in the crowd, but car enthusiasts know that the four interlocking rings mean there’s something special behind the headlights. From the days of the Sport Quattro’s dominance in Group B rallying to the R10’s dominance at LeMans in the 2000s, to today’s RS 3 dominating the hot hatch market, the brand’s performance roots are deep.

Audi has long led the industry in putting turbocharging and all-wheel drive in the hands of everyday drivers with technology that trickles straight down from their race cars. But high performance also means higher engine loads and more wear and tear. With turbos and direct injection harmonizing to make glorious horsepower, the engine internals are subjected to extreme heat and pressure. That requires a super premium oil that can tolerate the temperatures and pressures all that horsepower creates.

To make sure that the lubricants they use are up to the task of keeping high performance engines healthy, oils have to pass a battery of tests. Castrol EDGE Euro has been proven to exceed the limits of the tests, delivering performance and protection beyond Audi’s requirements.

The Castrol EDGE Euro line of full synthetic oils is designed to maximize your Audi’s performance, longevity, and fuel economy to a much higher standard than the specification limits Audi requires. It’s not just bluster either – Castrol oils have demonstrably out-performed results against Audi’s internal oil specification requirements.

Regardless of what specification oil your Audi takes – whether you drive a brand-new Audi RS3 that demands the latest 508 00 spec oil, or a 1999 A4 that will live happily ever after on Audi’s bog-standard 502 00 spec – Castrol EDGE Euro makes an oil that outperforms benchmarks. Even if you just spent $160,000 on a brand-new Audi R8, you can rely on Castrol EDGE Euro to keep your car performing at its absolute peak. But let’s look at two Audi oil specs to see how Castrol EDGE Euro maximizes performance.

First up is Castrol EDGE Euro 5W-40 A3/B4, a full synthetic for engines that call for the 502 00 or 505 00 oils from Audi. In short, if you have a pre-2019 gasoline or diesel Audi, this is your oil. Castrol EDGE Euro 5W-40 showed two times better engine cleanliness than the required specification in the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association’s DV6 engine oil test.

Let me say that again: Castrol Edge 5W-40 has been shown to have 2x better cleanliness to help maximize engine performance. So, whether you’re in an RS4 or an Q5 or a Q7 TDI, you can rely on Castrol to keep your Audi running and performing its best.

For those with Audis built after 2018, Castrol EDGE 0W-20 LL IV beats Audi 508/509 00 specification limits in three key areas: cleanliness, wear protection, and fuel economy. Castrol EDGE exceeded the fuel economy benchmark set by the test limits by 2.8x, so you aren’t just getting more power, you’re getting longer intervals between trips to the gas pump.

Castrol EDGE 0W-20 also demonstrated two times better wear protection than the 508/509 00 specification requires, and 1.9x better engine cleanliness. That means Castrol’s 0W-20 LL IV not only maximizes fuel economy and performance, it also maximizes wear protection and longevity in Audi’s latest high-performance engines.

When it’s time for your next oil change, ask your service center to use Castrol EDGE Euro oils. If you’re a DIY wrench, you can find Castrol EDGE Euro at your local parts store. Whether you’re hyper-miling in an A3 TDI, canyon-carving in an RS3, or hauling your family to grandma’s in a Q7, there is a Castrol EDGE Euro full synthetic that will keep your Audi clean, efficient, and healthy for years to come.