Audi RS Q8. It’s Been Spied. Now, It’s Been Rendered.

There’s no question the market has embraced crossovers wholeheartedly. While more traditional car enthusiasts still prefer low-slung sedans, Avants and even sports cars, sales numbers simply don’t lie. Such a transition of consumer tastes means crossovers like the new Audi Q8 are critical to the well-being of the four rings brand. Not surprisingly then, Audi Sport appears to be readying an RS variant.

Spy photos suggest Audi’s not just considering the model. If read correctly, a bonkers fast RS Q8 won’t be very far behind the new Q8 that’s launching in Europe about the time you read this. Just what it’ll look like remains to be seen. Fortunately, we have rendering artists like X-tomi Design who are more than happy to take a stab at making pixels come to life in the form of cars the do not exist just yet.

In this case, X-tomi stuck true to Audi schema, focusing on RS design cues that are already implemented in existing Audi RS cars. That hexagonal grille, the same design wheels as the RS 3 sedan… it’s all very familiar. X-tomi too some license around the lower fascia, blending some existing cues with the new Lichte-designed and more horizontal singleframe grille of the Q8.

Is this what the RS Q8 will look like? It’s hard to tell. Previous generations of RS-cars were formulaic in their use of existing wheel designs, fascia treatment, etc. That’s not to say they were boring, but they may have been a bit predictable for rendering artists like X-tomi. This time around, Audi design chief Marc Lichte has suggested the various models will differentiate more than in previous generations… so an A6 won’t just be a larger A4… larger yet than A3. How that translates into the more specific application of Audi Sport RS-models remains to be seen.

For now, check out more renderings by X-tomi Design over on their website HERE.