Audi RS 6 Sedan Rendering by X-tomi

With the new Audi A6 now having been revealed, it was only a matter of time before rendering experts like X-tomi Design began imagineering what the next-generation of RS 6 might look like. Seems that day has come, at least in sedan form.

You may remember Audi did build sedan versions of the C5 and C6 RS 6 generations. The onset of the Sportback body style served to render cars like the RS 6 (and RS 4) sedan as obsolete. Even still, it’s interesting to see the new C8 A6 in RS form and that’s exactly what X-tomi did here… likely before the Avant dropped most recently.

Stylistically, X-tomi went with design cues already begun in the latest RS 4 / RS 5 lineup. Subtle box flares beneath the tornado line, front fascia and even wheel design are all directly lifted from RS 5 and RS 4. Based on previous generations of RS-cars, that’s a fairly safe bet. Audi has a track record for keeping RS-branding and design cues relatively consistent across the range. The new RS 5 and RS 4 are the most recent RS-cars and thus the most modern interpretations of those RS-car cues.

As the actual RS 6, we suspect it won’t be long before that car is revealed. Granted, the S6 and S7 models are expected to arrive first, but the RS 6 (at least in Avant form) is a mainstay in the Audi Sport lineup and is highly anticipated. As for whether it comes to the USA this time, we’re keen on the belief that newfound appreciation for station wagons in the USA makes for market conditions amenable to its return.