Audi Receives Most “Good” IIHS Ratings of Any Manufacturer for Ease of Using LATCH Hardware on Child Restraint Systems

source: Audi of America

  • Ten 2019 Audi models received “Good+” to “Acceptable” ratings across model line up
  • 2019 Audi Q7 received highest “Good+” rating
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) measures ease of use of lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH) hardware on child restraint systems

HERNDON – Ten 2019 Audi models have been positively rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for their ease of using lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH) hardware – a system of attachment hardware for child restraints that can help make correct installation easier.

IIHS has been rating vehicles on LATCH ease of use since 2015 with ratings spanning “Good+,” “Good,” “Acceptable,” “Marginal” and “Poor.”  This year, the 2019 Audi Q7 was one of only 21 models across eight brands awarded the highest “Good+” rating, and Audi had the most models of any brand rated “Good.”

“The safety of our customers is always a top priority, so we are delighted that such an array of 2019 Audi models have been recognized for their ease of use for child restraint hardware,” said Filip Brabec, vice president, Product Management, Audi of America. “The breadth of models rated speaks to the brand’s commitment to safety and delivering cutting edge technical innovations to our customers.”

The following Audi models were rated positively:

  • 2019 Audi Q7: Received a “Good+” rating, which is for vehicles that meet the criteria for a “Good” rating and provide additional LATCH-equipped seating positions. In the three-row Audi Q7, this means the vehicle must have one additional good or acceptable LATCH position in all rear seating positions.
  • 2019 A4, A4 allroad, A5 Coupe, A5 Sportback, A6, e-tron, Audi Q5 and Q8: Received a “Good” rating, which includes criteria such as lower anchors being no more than ¾ inch deep within the seat, lower anchors that are easy to maneuver around (with a clearance angle greater than 54 degrees), and that the force required to attach a standardized tool representing a child seat connector to the lower anchor is less than 40 pounds.
  • 2019 Audi A3: Received an “Acceptable” rating, which means that at least two out of the three low anchor requirements were met.

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