‘Audi Q8 Unleashed’ Series Drops Initial Episodes

So it appears the Audi Q8 Unleashed video series hosted over on the Q8.audi microsite have been… well… unleashed. As we mentioned when the microsite first dropped, it appears Audi is tapping its inner Netflix with this particular marketing effort. It’s got all of the feel of a Netflix series with high production value backdrops, credits to Four Rings Studios, quick flashbacks to let you know what you missed in the last three minute episode should you not be binge watching them.

Okay, plot hounds are going to probably see some holes here. There’s not much time to work with inside of three minute episodes, and when you also have to factor in in a 10 second catch-up intro, then add gratuitous Q8 product shots (all teasers for now… as of first three episodes), and then the gratuitous girlfriend showering and lady truck driver who decides stopping in the middle of the road to make a move on a random guy she picked up in a desert and who smells like he’s been locked up in a corrugated steel box out there (because he apparently has), one starts to wonder where all this is going.

There are no Pike’s Peak size spoilers in saying that the eventual outcome of this series is that the Q8 will be revealed and is likely very cool. We’re still not sure the movie measures up, but we’ve heard great things about the Q8. Let’s hope there are Q8 car chase scenes in the end.

Watch it all HERE.