Audi Fleshes Out Its Corporate Strategy And Plans To Sell 800,000 Electrified Cars in 2025

[source: Audi AG]

  • CEO Rupert Stadler: “We are taking the initiative. We are lifting electric mobility to the next level.”
  • CFO Alexander Seitz: “We are accelerating the implementation of new and profitable business models worldwide”
  • Sustainability: sales of approximately 800,000 new energy vehicles in 2025 with more than 20 electrified models – Audi production plants to be CO2 neutral by end of the next decade
  • Digitization: €1 billion of operating profit from new business models in 2025
  • Urbanization: pilot fleet of the autonomous electric Audi Aicon to be launched in 2021

Ingolstadt – Audi aims to sell approximately 800,000 fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids in the year 2025. At this Wednesday’s Annual General Meeting of AUDI AG, the Board of Management presents the updated “Audi.Vorsprung.2025.” strategy. To enable about every third customer to decide in favor of an e-model by the middle of the next decade, there is to be an electrified variant in each model series by then – most of them are to be fully electric, with a smaller proportion as plug-in hybrids.