Audi exclusive Sonoma Green RS 6 Avant. You’re Welcome.

Even though the Audi RS 6 Avant isn’t available in the USA, it still gets legendary status amongst enthusiasts. Who doesn’t love a high horsepower station wagon… much less one in the same Sonoma Green Metallic paint tone that’s been getting so much attention on the new RS 5 coupĂ©. Throw in brown leather and we suspect this is the sort of car that could create its own cult following.

Yes, in some ways we know this is a tease. Cars like this RS 6 Avant aren’t currently available in the USA, though the paint color is should you wish to order Audi exclusive paint on your car (or maybe win our 2017 Audi exclusive RS 3 raffle car).

So what’s the story on this particular RS 6 plus? The car was built for the Audi exclusive showroom located in the Audi Forum Neckarsulm. For the uninitiated, Audi Sport GmbH is based in Neckarsulm and that particular showroom is effectively where the factory flexes their tailoring muscles. Even better, Audi Forum Neckarsulm maintains their own Facebook fan page where they share photos such as these. If you don’t follow it yet, you should think about doing so.