Audi exclusive RS 4 Avant Bicolor Design Package

You know the saying, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. In the case of the car you see here, the seats are too thanks to Audi exclusive and the Bicolor Design Package available on the European market.

Audi Deutschland recently shared these images of an Audi exclusive take on the European-market RS 4 Avant, complete with the aforementioned Bicolor Design Package. The package itself is available on’s German market configurator, however it’s shown there in yellow. In the case of these images, Audi exclusive swapped out yellow for black-iguana green leather instead.

While the Bicolor Design Package isn’t available in the USA, we suspect you could probably match it fairly closely should you spec a vehicle where Audi of America offers panel-by-panel control over interior specifications. Alas, even if you cross that bridge though, you still won’t be able to do so in an RS 4 Avant.

Next time.