Audi exclusive RS 3 Raffle Winner Chosen

by: George Achorn

The Audi Club North America is pleased to announce the winner of its 2017 membership raffle for a 2018 Audi exclusive RS 3 sedan. That individual is none other than Dan Lynch of Little Falls, NY. Our congratulations go out to the winner and thanks to all who participated in making this one of the most successful Audi Club raffles on record.

After the shock of winning wears off, Dan will get to spend the upcoming weekend thinking about what color he prefers for his new car and just which dealer he’ll be working with in order to get it delivered to his New York home.

Just what color Dan may choose has yet to be revealed, so don’t read too much into our rendering above. Porsche Mint Green may or may not be one of the 80-some “standard” Audi exclusive colors, but we thought it was appropriate in helping share this sweet news.

As mentioned above, this year’s raffle for an Audi exclusive RS 3 sedan is one of our most successful in a very long time. Tickets effectively sold out, capped at 5,000 by design. That’s up by a significant margin from previous years, success that has us placing a new found level of focus on how we may improve future raffles for the members of the Audi Club North America.

We’ve already got a great plan for the 2018 raffle, so look forward to news on that in the spring. For now, please help us in congratulating Dan Lynch on his incredible new ride.